What I use to get stuff done

Officially, the company gives me a budget of $0 for research so I run research as lean and scrappy as possible. Here's a list of what I am using right now to accomplish my user research. Tools are all used accordingly for whatever task or analysis is needed and shared across teams.

User Research - Qualitative

Typeform - My favorite free survey tool for getting high-response rate surveys via email or online posting.

Google Forms - My favorite free tool to create screeners or interview guides.

Qualaroo - Unobtrusive surveys embedded on your website or web app using triggers to gather feedback or deliver contextual questions.

UserTesting - App that provides on demand feedback, user recruiting, and user interviews. As of the summer of 2015, I do not use UserTesting any more because they've changed their pricing model to an enterprise subscription model and no longer offer "pay as you go" un-moderated user testing. I now prefer doing remote moderated user tests through my own recruitment methods.

CrazyEgg - Heatmap tool to analyze hotspots of existing pages or apps.

Invision - Designers share their high fidelity prototypes with me to conduct remote user interviews or usability tests via live screenshare.

Calendly - Schedule user interviews or meetings, easily.

Google Hangouts - Screenshare and conduct remote user interviews or usability tests.

Skype - International calls in case Google Hangouts does not work for remote user interviews or usability tests.

Join.me - Last resort for screen share if the Google Hangouts or Skype doesn't work for remote user interviews or usability tests.

User Research - Quantitative

Kissmetrics - Cross-device analytics platform to measure what users do and don't do as they use websites and apps.

Optimizely - Optimization platform to run A/B tests to test hypotheses with the team after doing research and and coming up with informed ideas.

Google Analytics - Analytics platform to measure web traffic and marketing performance.

Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel - Calculating responses from surveys or user interviews.

Email (distributing surveys or recruiting people for studies)

Pardot - Marketing team lets me use this for distributing larger market research surveys or sending out email for opt-in for research surveys.

Mailchimp - Sending emails to smaller lists in our marketing newsletter audience.

Gathering Feedback

Helpscout - Product and Customer Success uses this as a shared inbox for company-wide access feedback.

In-house built forms on the bottom of each page of the app that feed to Helpscout.


UXPin - Design and Product make interactive wireframes and prototypes from scratch or importing elements.

Google Drawings - Make process flows and explain research findings.

Apple Keynote - Make process flows and wireframes to explaining quick concepts.

Pen and Paper :)