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Articles, Medium posts, and webinars are great, but it's way better to work with someone directly in a one-on-one setting. A 30-minute work session with the right person can get your business knowing your users and creating better experiences immediately.

Fill out the form to the right to reach me and get on my calendar. I'm usually working with a client constantly. My current availability is 4 weeks out.

What I can help you do

Here’s a couple of the questions that I regularly help answer with research and writing:

  • What are some best practices for user research and process?

  • How can I incorporate user research into my development lifecycle?

  • Does my business/product/idea have product-market fit?

  • How should I message my product to different buyers?

  • Can you help improve our copywriting inside our app and website?

  • We're thinking about changing our pricing - what makes sense for both the user and the business?

  • How can I get my team to think more about UX, design thinking, human-centered design, etc.?

  • What's the best way to build and structure a UX team for my company's current situation?

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